Idaho Nursing Flash Update

Posted 4 months ago by Randall Hudspeth, PhD, MBA, MS, APRN

Nursing Flash

ANA-Idaho announces updates to the a weekly email notification send on Tuesdays to members and followers of Idaho nursing associations and RN Idaho.  This is a quick read; one-page top news highlights that contains both Idaho based and national stories of interest to nurses.  It also includes updates on Idaho nursing association and organizational news & activities.  Please look for it on Tuesdays, and check your spam mail in case it is not in your in-box.  Information contained is supplemental to the quarterly RN IDAHO.


Lynda Heise 2 months ago

Is it on this page when we sign in or in another section for the weekly newsletter?

The weekly Nursing Flash comes directly to you as a separate email. You do not have to get on the ANA-Idaho or NLI websites to access it. It is mailed each Tuesday.

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