ANA Launches Nurse Suicide Prevention & Resilience Resource Site

Posted 20 days ago

ANA Launches Nurse Suicide Prevention & Resilience Resource Site

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month was observed in September, but the need for awareness and resources is not bound by time or date. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is committed to meeting the needs of nurses by offering a NEW Nurse Suicide Prevention and Resilience Resource Site at

Research indicates that nurses are at a much higher risk of suicide than the general public. During this unprecedented time, nurses are struggling with mental health issues like fear, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress as they respond to COVID-19 and continue to care for all patients. Effectively managing these mental health issues are essential in nurse suicide prevention.

ANA's Resilience and Nurse Suicide Prevention Resource Site provides information and tools to:

  • Build resilience
  • Assist in active crisis
  • Support suicide survivors
  • Offer grief and bereavement coping strategies
  • Honor a nurse's memory

We encourage all nurses to check out the site, bookmark the pages, and share the resources with a colleague or a friend in need. 

Nurses, you are not alone. Help is available. Learn more visit:


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