Memorial Day 2020--Remembering Idaho's first licensed RN

Posted about 1 month ago

 ANA-Idaho Remembers Idaho First Licensed RN. 

Napina Hanley (born May 18, 1884; died July 4, 1964) was born of Irish Catholic parents in Placerville and attended school at St. Teresa's Academy in Boise.  She graduated from St. Vincent's School of Nursing in Portland in 1904 and returned to Boise. She became the first Inspector of Hospital Training Schools of Nursing in 1919, and became the second school nurse in Boise in 1920 after Gerturde Craigin resigned to move to Arizona.  Napina Hanley served as a Boise school nurse for 31 years.  She continued serving as the training school inspector until the 1930's.  

When the nurse license law became effective in 1921, Miss Hanley became the First Licensed Nurse in Idaho.  At the time of her death, she was the longest serving member of the Idaho Nurses Association (today ANA-Idaho) with more than 50 continuous years of membership in Idaho.

She never married and was a close friend of Lillian Long, founder of St. Luke's Hospital.  Napina was the maid of honor when Miss Long and Mr. Stevens were married in 1912.  She is buried at Morris Hill Cemetery, St. John's section next to her parents.  Each year the Idaho Nurses Association has remembered her.

Napina Hanley RN grave


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