Nurses Day Proclamation and Announcement by Governor Little

Posted about 2 months ago

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Governor Little has proclaimed May 12 as Nurses Day in Idaho.  Attached is the formal proclamation.

Thank you to Russ Barron, Executive Director of the Idaho Board of Nursing, for facilitating this proclamation during the COVID19 restrictions that did not allow nurses to be present at the Idaho State Capitol Building for the signing.

Watch Governor Little on YouTube.

The Idaho Board of Nursing also announces a new website that provides information updates and daily updated statistical information about Idaho nurses.

The ANA-Idaho Board of Directors thanks every nurse for their contributions to the healthcare of Idahoans during this unusal time as we manage all of the issues that have resulted from the COVID19 Pandemic.  Best wishes for a successful nurses day, a good nurse recognition month, and for 2020 being THE YEAR OF THE NURSE.


Lynda Heise 21 days ago

Thank you for the Nurse's Day message. Today, I too recognize all nurses in this profession. Happy Nurse's Day!!!

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