THANK YOU IDAHO NURSES! ANA-I ends 2019 with Highest Projected Membership Growth Rate in the Nation

Posted 4 months ago

The ANA national office has notified all state nursing associations about the 2019 membership counts and growth rates. ANA-Idaho is ending 2019 with an 18.2% membership growth, leading the nation.  Michigan follows at 17.4% and North Dakota at 17.2%.

Throughout the year, ANA-Idaho has continued to grow its membership and has often been identified as the "fastest growing" state association.  

The ANA-Idaho board of directors has worked to increase the value of membership to Idaho nurses.  The organization has engaged with the Idaho Center for Nursing, student nurses and supported re-energising the Idaho Nursing Student Association, partnered with Nurse Leaders of Idaho to co-sponsor the annual clinical and leadership conference (LEAP) in November, and engaged with legislative issues that impact nursing and healthcare in general for Idahoans.

Thank you to all Idaho nurses for the work you do, and especially thank you to those nurses who have supported ANA-Idaho by being members.

Membership costs $175.00 annually and can be managed by automatic payment.  If you are not a member and you want to join, click on the MEMBERSHIP/JOIN TODAY button on the hompage of the ANA-Idaho website.

Thank you,

Brie Sandow, MSN, RN

President, ANA-Idaho


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