Russell Barron announces Sarah Phipps, RN, Joining Idaho Board of Nursing as Associate Executive Director for Education & Practice

Posted 3 months ago

It is my privilege to formally announce Sarah Phipps, MSHSA, BSN, RN as the new Associate Executive Director for Education and Practice at the Idaho Board of Nursing!  Sarah joins our team with a variety of experience that includes strategic development, efficiently managing strict accreditation mandates, and implementing innovative approaches to nursing practice and patient safety in the hospital, ambulatory clinics, correctional healthcare, and assisted living settings in the government, private, and non-profit sectors.  Her nursing experience has allowed her to share best practices not traditionally shared outside of each specialty.  Sarah has an in-depth knowledge of what rural healthcare entails, the challenges that critical access hospitals encounter while trying to ensure that they are providing safe healthcare, and how to best navigate new requirements and regulations.


Sarah’s work place achievements prior to joining the Idaho Board of Nursing includes implementing evidence-based practice decision making, achieving ISO compliance for the organization's Quality Management System, developing a multi-disciplinary internal audit program, building a patient and family engagement task force, developing a robust policy management process, implementing a successful customer service program, and optimizing the use of patient experience data to track progress and implement change.  Sarah received baccalaureate degrees in Nursing and Spanish from Carroll College and received a Master’s of Science in Health Services Administration from Regis University.


Sarah began her work with the Board on November 4th and is quickly coming up to speed.  She started with a backlog of items since her position had been vacant for quite some time.  Please feel free to contact Sarah or me with any requests you may have at any time. 


Sarah can be reached by email at or by phone at 208-577-2479.





Russ Barron, MBA

Executive Director,

Idaho Board of Nursing