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ANA-IDAHO leads nation in membership growth for December 2018 and is in the top FIVE states for growth for all 2018

Posted about 1 month ago by Randall Hudspeth, PhD, MBA, MS, APRN

The ANA-IDAHO Board of Directors has been notified by the ANA national office of the December 2018 membership growth and the overall 2018 membership comparisons between states.

Idaho, as a constituent state organizaton of ANA, utilizes the ANA to manage membership dues collection and disbursement to the state, and to tabulate membership reports.  Idaho participates in the ANA Value Price Program that has uniform established dues at $15 monthly or $175 annually, unless the member selects the premier level membership that has existed for many years.

Idaho leads the nation in membership growth for December 2018 at a 2.1% membership growth.

Idaho is one of the top 5 states nationally to increase the percentage of membership.  The states are:

Nebraska at 25.5% increase

Michigan at 23.4% increase

New Jersey at 20.4% increase

Illinois and Idaho tied at 19.3% increase

The ANA-Idaho Board of Directors thanks Idaho nurses for their support and membership.  In July 2018, the Board made the decision to relocate the ANA-Idaho office back to Idaho and re-opened an office in Boise. 

ANA-Idaho is a founding participant organization in the Idaho Center for Nursing, and since July nursing's presence and input on many government, foundations, and association boards has increased greatly.  The goal of ANA-Idaho is to represent the larger number of nurses licensed in Idaho (27,000+ RN and 3,800 LPN) and to continue to be an active voice for professional nurses in public policy and healthcare reform.

Congratulations ANA-IDAHO for continuing to grow membership!


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