ANA-IDAHO Now Has a Physical Office and Idaho Address

Posted about 1 year ago by Randall Hudspeth, PhD, MBA, MS, APRN

ANA-Idaho is please to announce that it now has a new office in Boise. 

ANA-Idaho has not had a physical office in Idaho since 2006.  At that time, similar to other rural states, finances prohibited the continued operations of an office.  The long serving INA Executive Director, Judy Murray PhD, RN, retired after 10 years of serving for free and moved to Wisconsin to be near her children.  There was not sufficient funding to have an executive director, staff and an office in Idaho, so a professional organization management firm was contracted and they managed INA until 2013.  At that time the ANA recognized that this was an increasingly common rural state problem and the Western Multi-state group was formed.  That management system was successful and effective.  INA became ANA-Idaho and was managed by the Arizona Nurses Association office team with Robin Schaffer, MSN, RN, serving as the executive director of each western state nurses association.  During that time the new Value-Pricing Membership Dues program trial was established by ANA and membership greatly increased in Idaho and other rural states.  It became possible for rural states to establish their own offices within their home states.

The ANA-Idaho Board of Directors entered into discussions with the Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing [IALN] for a joint managment arrangement.  IALN is a nursing philanthrpoic and education organization that manages the Idaho Nursing Workforce and the Idaho Nursing Action Coalition that focuses on implmentation of the Institute of Medicine recommendations for nursing.  IALN is not a membership organization.  IALN opted to form the IDAHO CENTER FOR NURSING [ICN] and offer joint communication, professional development and support to all professional nursing organizations in Idaho to be partners in the ICN.

ANA-Idaho, along with other organizations, established a memorandum of understanding with the ICN, and separately contracted for an executive director and business manager located in Boise.

The office address is:


6126 West State Street, Suite 306

Boise, ID 83703

phone 208.367.1171


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