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ANA Idaho & NLI Legislative Wrap-Up April 2, 2018

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April 2, 2018
Michael McGrane, RN, MSN

The 2018 Idaho Legislative Session finished on Wednesday, March 28th. The Session moved more bills than any other session in recent history. This was driven by year where every senate and representative position is up for reelection. Many are seeking higher office or retiring. Those running for reelection are occupied with campaigns in advance of the primary election on May 15th. It has also been a highly organized session. Senate and House leadership have moved bills more efficiently through the convoluted process of bill introduction, committee and floor hearings in both houses, then to the Governor’s office. Even factions within the legislature were more organized and strategic this year. Following an Idaho Supreme Court decision on the deadline for the Governor’s veto of a bill, the legislature stayed an extra week for the Governor to complete signing bills. A total of 558 bills were introduced.

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